merSETA Engineering Development

The purpose of this Chair is to grow human resources in electrical, industrial and mechanical engineering, as well as mechatronics in order to enhance the manufacturing industry in the Eastern Cape to enable competitiveness and a growing and sustainable economy. The objectives are to increase capacity at FET Colleges; promote women in engineering; create an aware- ness of the relevance and importance of engineering at schools within rural communities in the Eastern Cape Province; increase capacity of educators at technical high schools in the Eastern Cape Province; and develop specialist training courses to address the needs of the manufacturing industry.


eNtsa is recognised as a leading research, design and technology support centre for the manufacturing sector. This is achieved through provision of research supporting new technology development, technology support for optimising existing production processes and infrastructure and advancing the high-end skills level by offering technical training according to international best practices.

eNtsa provides support for enterprises in the first, second and emerging economy within the engineering and manufacturing sec- tor, with a specific focus on the automotive component sector. This is in order to improve the sector’s ability to be innovative and competitive with the aim of making the South African automotive industry more attractive as a financially viable exporter of high quality components.

The Technology Station is actively involved with testing, contract research, industrial design and development and the transfer of knowledge. eNtsa is constantly involved in assisting various SME’s with product and process evaluations to ensure conformity and to assist with evaluating different process techniques to make data available that could assist SME’s to address a specific problem.